We Create Digital Communication & Collaboration Tools for Nurses & Nurse Leaders

We are a passionate team of business leaders, engineers, designers, and nurses, striving to improve workplace engagement & productivity in nursing departments across the country.​

We believe those who do the most important work deserve the best technology.

We work at the intersection of
healthcare & technology.

With extensive experience in both frontline nursing and consumer & enterprise technology, our team is unique. We have seen firsthand how slowly innovative technology reaches healthcare. We know many of the products nurses are forced to adopt are difficult and unpleasant to use. We are doing our best to change that.

We know everyone deserves
a fair work‑life balance.

Nurses deserve flexibility in their schedules to provide their best work at the bedside. At NurseGrid, we make time for family, friends, and personal well‑being so that we can do our best when we put our heads down (which is a lot of the time).

We will never compromise the
end‑user experience.

We take pride in building products that nurses and managers tell us they love to use. We treat our nurse and manager users with respect because they deserve it. Listening to their feedback helps us create excellent products.

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