We believe those who do the most important work deserve the best technology.

We work at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

With deep experience in frontline nursing and consumer and enterprise technology, our team is unique. We’ve seen firsthand how slowly innovative technology reaches healthcare, and we know many of the products nurses are forced to adopt are difficult and unpleasant to use. We’re doing our best to change that.

We know everyone deserves a good work-life balance.

Nurses deserve flexibility in their schedules and more time to focus on work-life balance so they can do their best work at the bedside. And at NurseGrid, we make time for family, friends, and personal wellbeing so that we can do our best work when it’s time to put our heads down (which is a lot of the time).

We will never compromise the end user experience.
We take pride in building products that nurses and managers tell us they love to use. We listen to and treat our nurse and manager users with respect because they deserve it and because their feedback helps us create better products.

The Team

Joe Novello, BSN, RN


Kaitlyn Applebee

Account Manager

Jeffrey Brodzinski

Enterprise Account Manager

Joey Burgard

Customer Support Specialist

Alex Calvert

Sr. Director of User and Customer Success

Nich Carlsen

Account Development Manager

Jessica Chen

Product Designer

Katie Claro

Program Manager

Tessa Curry

Content Strategist & Producer

Taylor Eke

Lead Architect/Engineer

Josh Ellington

Director of Engineering

Kyle Enzweiler

Android Engineer

Aloysius Fobi, MD

VP, Business Development

Stefanie Folk

Executive Assistant

Brian Forrester

Sr. Director of Business Development

Chris Frederick

Quality and Technical Support Specialist

Zoe Graman

Operations Manager

Andrea Grimshaw

Vice President of Product

Inara Kogan

Website Developer

Tracy Lasseter

Product Manager for NurseGrid Mobile

Marlon Ma

Frontend Engineer

Devan McCoy

Account Development Manager

Jen McLean

Vice President of People

Paul Nadeau

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Parise

Senior Integrations Engineer

Devin Pearman

Account Coordinator

Elana Silverman

Customer Support Specialist

Hank Smith


Zach Smith

BSN, RN, VP, Nursing

Connor Whan

Sr. Account Development Manager

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