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Why Does a Tech Company Have a VP of Nursing?

When I started out in nursing, I knew little of what it took to be a nurse outside of assessments and patient care. In today’s world, it isn’t enough to just be a good clinical nurse. Like it or not, technology has become a part of our society and therefore a part of our industry.


When Best Practices Become Too Much of a Good Thing

What do you feel when you hear the words “best practice”? It probably depends where you sit. For those in the C-suite, a best practice may seem like a no-brainer. If something works well in one area, why not multiply its effects by mandating its use elsewhere?

Articles for Nurses

How NurseGrid Builds a Strong Nurse User Community

My name is Sarah and I am the Customer Success Manager here at NurseGrid. My role is to make sure our nurses are getting the most out of the NurseGrid solutions and to help them if and when they have questions.

Articles for Nurses

Responding To The View

As many of you have heard, comments were recently made on “The View” that offended a number of nurses across the country. Add us to that list. We are nurses too. So when Joy Behar says “Why is she wearing a Doctor’s stethoscope?” it offends us deeply.


NurseGrid Featured in McKnight’s HealthCare Review

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News is a business news magazine serving the institutional long-term care field. Thanks to McKnight’s for their review of NurseGrid’s new communication solution.

Articles for Nurses

NurseGrid Releases Nurse Manager Communication Platform To Improve Nurse Staff Scheduling and Communication for Hospitals

NurseGrid announced today the release of a new communication platform designed to directly connect nurse managers with their staff to streamline communication, manage schedule changes and credentialing of staff.


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