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What if there was a technology platform for nursing departments that benefited nurses, nurse managers, patients, and facilities alike? That delivered organization and balance to nurses’ work lives, cost savings and productivity to nurse managers’ departments, more time to focus on delivering excellent care to patients, and better bottom line performance for whole hospitals and facilities?

There is. Welcome to NurseGrid.

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NurseGrid Mobile is a free mobile app built just for nurses, and it’s the calendaring and communication tool of choice for tens of thousands of nurses nationwide. With experienced nurses on our founding and leadership teams, we’re focused on delivering powerful technology that delights nurses.

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At NurseGrid, we only build technology for nurses and nurse leaders. With experienced nurses on our founding and leadership teams and a singular focus on our unique end users’ needs when we build products, NurseGrid Manager is technology your team will love to use.

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From The Blog
Nurse Managers: Caught in the middle

June 15, 2016

Nowhere is this push and pull situation–the need to improve care quality and patient satisfaction on one hand and reduce costs on the other–more acute than in nursing. No care providers have a bigger impact on patients’ experience of or satisfaction with their care than nurses, so keeping nurses engaged and satisfied is critical. And as the largest group of healthcare providers, nursing staff often represent the biggest labor cost for facilities. This can result in tension between the need to ensure appropriate staffing levels for safe, effective patient care and nurse sanity, and the need for facilities to remain financially viable. Nurse managers’ priorities place these experienced nurses at the center of this tension.

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From The Blog
Introducing Department Schedules and Real-time Dashboard

June 1, 2016

Today we’re excited to announce two powerful new features for NurseGrid Manager. We’re now surfacing more actionable team and department updates and streamlining schedule distribution and communication–and we think everybody will be pretty happy about it.

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From The Blog
Nurse Satisfaction and Burnout: Old Problem, New Stakes

May 9, 2016

As staff nurses and nursing leaders, you spend so much time focusing on others at work–whether it’s patients, patients’ families, or staff in your charge–that your own wellbeing can too often be neglected. Poor work-life balance can lead to high stress, exhaustion, and burnout across industries, all of which can contribute to serious physical and mental health concerns.

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