Easy team

NurseGrid Manager gives you a centralized platform to communicate with nurses in real time on whatever device they’re using.

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Real-time shift management

With NurseGrid Manager, you can quickly and easily fill open shifts and flex nurses off based on staff-indicated availability.

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Flexible schedule change workflows

Nurses initiate swaps and giveaways, affording them flexibility and control. Approve or deny requests, maintaining oversight.

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Streamlined department control

Centralize department schedule, contact, credential, and employment information in one place—and securely control access.

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What Our Customers Say
  • NurseGrid's user experience really sets it apart. My nurses love using the mobile app and Manager makes it so quick and easy for me to access critical information like who’s working each shift and handle real-time schedule changes like filling open shifts and swap requests. It’s a rare technology win-win for our department!

    Ryan Bell, RN, BSN

    Nurse Manager, Surgical Trauma ICU

  • When we chose NurseGrid Manager, our primary goal was to save time on staffing and scheduling, and to make processes more efficient for staff and managers. NurseGrid has delivered! Our staff members love having easy access to the up-to-date schedule wherever they are instead of having to log on to a remote server, and we’re more confident they know where to be and when. Swaps are so much easier to process and we’re filling more open shifts now that we can send them out through NurseGrid. Nothing is getting lost in department email, which is so important because we’ve been very short-staffed lately. It’s a win-win for our department!

    Matt Tilson RN, BSN

    Manager of Organ Operations

    Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network


Want to learn more about how NurseGrid Manager can help you build a more engaged, efficient, and productive department? We’re so glad! Download a detailed, easy to read product overview here.

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