I don’t see my worksite in the database. How do I request it?

If you have searched for your worksite and didn’t find it in the app on the Add a Worksite page, you can request to have it added to the app database by tapping “Don’t see your facility?” and entering information into all of the fields. The more information we have the better, so that we can add your site quickly and accurately.

What do I do if I requested it and I don’t see it yet?

Since we’re currently in the process of revamping our database upload method, you may experience a delay in having your worksite uploaded. We appreciate your patience in this process and look forward to speeding it up as we continue improving!

Is NurseGrid available for users outside of the U.S.?

At this time, NurseGrid is currently only available in the United States due to the structure of our server support. Saying that, we look forward to the day when our products can support users outside of the United States and functionality is not limited to specific regions.

Why do I have to add a worksite to use NurseGrid?

We designed NurseGrid for all nurses and healthcare practitioners to require a worksite for several reasons, including:

  • Allowing users to connect to their colleagues to facilitate swapping and giving away shifts
  • Allowing users with multiple worksites to differentiate where they are working at a glance
  • Keeping our database of worksites organized for all the staff that work at various healthcare organizations (we don’t have the capacity in the database to add personal sites)
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