I’m not a nurse. Can I still use NurseGrid?

NurseGrid was built by nurses for all kinds of healthcare workers including CNAs, LVNs, RTs, PAs, and more. While the app is called NurseGrid, we have tons of users who aren’t nurses that find the app valuable. We understand there are many different types of shift work out there, but healthcare professionals deserve a tool just for them. That means we limit NurseGrid use to healthcare workers.

When I logged in my information was gone! How can I get it back?

Don’t worry, your account is still safe! Please email us at and we’ll help you recover your schedule.

How do I deactivate my account?

If you’d like to deactivate or close your NurseGrid account at any time, please reach out to our Support team at with your request, we’ll be happy to help!

Want to reactivate your account?

Please note only our NurseGrid team can reactivate your account if it has been deactivated. Reach out to our Support team if you would like to reactivate, and we’ll be happy to have you back!

How do I delete a duplicate account?

Click here to let us know about a duplicate account, and we’ll take care of it for you. Be sure to include the email associated with the duplicate account. Once we’ve deactivated your duplicate account, we’ll let you know so that you can use that email address again with your current account if you want.

How do I set my profile to private and what information does it affect?

Setting your profile to private hides your account and schedule from all other NurseGrid users. You won’t appear in any searches, and other NurseGrid users won’t be able to add you as a colleague or see your schedule. To set your profile to private, navigate to “Me” then “Account” and scroll down. Toggle on “Hide Profile” and select Save (or the checkmark) to save changes.

Can I delete old messages from the Messages tab?


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