See NurseGrid Manager in Action

Build a more engaged, efficient, and productive department:​

  • Fill shift shortages with only a few clicks
  • Instantly publish schedules directly to staff’s phones
  • Respond to swap requests in a fraction of the time
  • Connect to the #1 nurse app in the nation

Built for Nurses, by Nurses

NurseGrid Manager helps nursing departments simplify team communication, staffing, and schedule management, making staff and managers happier and more productive.

We surveyed 100 NurseGrid accounts. You’ll never guess what we found.

“Our staff members love having easy access to the up-to-date schedule wherever they are… Swaps are so much easier to process and we’re filling more open shifts now that we can send them out through NurseGrid. Nothing is getting lost in department email… It’s a win-win for our department!”
Matt Tilson RN, BSN, Manager
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