[Video] Onboarding for New Mobile Users

New to NurseGrid Mobile? Then check out this quick video to get a glimpse into what NurseGrid offers!

As always, please reach out with any questions you come up with!

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Add a Credential in the NurseGrid App

Nurses can add an unlimited amount of credentials to their personal NurseGrid Mobile account with photos of the certification, issuance information, and expiration reminders. This information will be available to you a manger as long as the nurse enters them into their account. Here is how they enter a credential:

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Adding & Sharing Your Availability

Want your manager to know you're available to work this weekend? Just add your Available to Work hours to your schedule and notify your manager. More of a visual learner? Take a look at our video tutorial on adding your availability to NurseGrid. The fastest way to add your availability to NurseGrid is to tap

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