Adding Your First Shift

Adding shifts or events can be done in a few different ways; manually or by Uploading a Spreadsheet.

  • Navigate to your schedule and the week view
  • Ensure you're in edit mode; do so by clicking "Continue Editing" in the upper right-hand corner. If you see "review & publish," you're already in edit mode!
  • Click Add Event

Important note: You can click on as many dates as you'd like, and as many staff as you'd like, as long as they're all working the same shift.

  • Choose the date(s) this shift type will be for; just click on as many dates that you're scheduling this very same shift time for.
  • Click on as many staff that you're having work all of those shifts. See my picture below and it'll make sense!

  • Once satisfied, scroll down and click create event.
  • All of the shifts you just created have their own bright colored boxes!
  • Staff won’t be notified about these new shifts until you actually review and publish the schedule.
  • You can repeat the same process and create shifts for your other shift types.
  • When you're ready to publish these shifts, click Review & Publish in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Verify everything is correct, and if so, click Publish & Notify.
  • Staff will get instant notifications to their phones!
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