How do I connect with colleagues in another department or facility?

You can search for colleagues and other nurse friends by navigating to the Colleagues tab and typing your colleague’s name in the search box. Once you find the colleague you want to connect with, tap the green + sign to request them as a colleague. A gray clock will appear next to their name while your colleague connection request is pending.

How can I see when my colleagues work?

You can view your colleague’s work shifts by navigating to their profile. From your menu, tap colleagues, tap on the colleague whose schedule you want to see, and their calendar will come up. Please note that only work shift events are visible between colleagues on NurseGrid and other event types remain private and only visible to the user (such as vacation and personal appointments).

I don't recognize someone who has joined my worksite. What should I do?

Please feel free to contact our customer support team! You can do this by emailing us or using the Report Suspicious Activity option at the bottom of your colleagues list. We can investigate from our end whether that person has a legitimate reason for joining your worksite or we can send out a warning message if needed.

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