From NurseGrid: COVID-19 and the Nursing Community

Nursing and COVID-19

In extraordinary times, we turn to our nursing professionals for guidance in navigating the unknown. Hospitals are the front lines of our battle against COVID-19, and the brave work of our clinicians is integral in the global community managing and overcoming this pandemic.

It is essential in times of unrest that we continue to treat our healthcare workers with unwavering compassion. As everyone hunkers down at home, nurses are heading in to work. They are the face of hospitals and governments who are struggling to organize amid chaos. Nurses are working extra shifts, adapting to labor-intensive safety gear, and facing an increased chance of infection. It is imperative we treat all clinicians with the same compassion, encouragement, and 3-6 ft. distance we do others.

NurseGrid’s mission is to support nurses. We believe this mentality must become the position of every human being. Join us in assisting all healthcare workers by staying informed, being mindful of recommendations, and extending your patience – the new values of our global community.

Thank you, nurses, for your selflessness and courage in face of threats known and unknown.


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