DaVita uses NurseGrid to improve staff satisfaction

How NurseGrid Helped DaVita Increase Staff Satisfaction

Dissatisfaction with schedule creation and distribution is one of the top reasons nurses leave their jobs. Healthcare by its very nature can be high-pressure and stressful, and accessing and managing the schedule should not add to that.

DaVita, one of the largest kidney care companies in the United States, understands the benefits that increased staff satisfaction can bring, such as better patient care, less nurse turnover, and money saved. However, like many hospitals and clinics, they were using spreadsheets, printed sheets of paper, and word of mouth to create and distribute schedules.

With so many schedules and facilities to manage, many of DaVita’s staff members and managers became dissatisfied with the complicated and time-consuming staffing and scheduling procedures currently in place.

So, we partnered with DaVita to give their teams a better solution.

74 Point Increase with NurseGrid

DaVita decided to implement an Alpha Pilot of NurseGrid at 16 of their facilities to help reduce frustration around scheduling and staffing. We helped create a better way for managers to fill shifts, receive opportunities, ensure coverage, and distribute schedules - all from their phone.

In just three months, NurseGrid increased satisfaction for managers by reducing the tension and wasted time associated with the schedule. DaVita saw a 74 point increase in their NPS score, which they use to evaluate the impacts of new technology.

“It’s given me a lot more peace of mind to not constantly carry that piece of paper with the schedule on it,” said Connie, a DaVita Regional Operations Director. “Now I can just look at my app and see what’s going on.”

Because of the success of the Alpha Pilot, DaVita has moved to roll out NurseGrid to even more facilities across their network.

You can read more about how DaVita increased staff satisfaction using NurseGrid in our newest case study.

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