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Find Your Next Job Using NurseGrid – an Update

Earlier this year we introduced NurseGrid Jobs (currently only available on iOS), to help ease the job search and application process for nurses. We wanted to simplify the tedious, lengthy undertaking of clicking through multiple hospital and clinic websites to find a job that is the right fit and fill out the application.

When we launched NurseGrid Jobs, the platform contained only a handful of jobs available for users to apply. We ramped that up to about 200 in the first few months, and today we are excited to announce there are over 9,000 jobs on the platform!

NurseGrid Job Listings

New Features

You might not have checked back in a while, but we are continually dedicating resources to helping you explore and find your next career move. We’ve added new features and will continue to do so on a regular basis. Today you can hone in on jobs within 20 miles, filter by city or radius, choose your specialty, and search for full-time, contract, or travel positions.

NurseGrid Jobs Save Filter

We want you to get in and explore the new options available. Let us know what you think, what’s missing, and what would be helpful to you in your job search.

Make Connections

Make Connections

While you might not be actively looking for a new job, it’s always good to know what is available. NurseGrid Jobs is a great place to connect with potential opportunities and make connections for the future.

We have a lot more inventory than before, and we’ve opened up our platform to more partners. We’d love to help you find something or at least open some doors for your career down the road.

Easy Apply

NurseGrid Jobs makes the application process as easy as one click. We pre-populate your NurseGrid profile information and save any updates you make so that you can submit each application with as little as one tap! We guarantee it’ll be the easiest job application process you experience as a nurse.

Submit Application

While NurseGrid Jobs is only available for iOS users right now, we are working quickly to get it up and running for our Android users.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas! Let us know where you’d like to see job listings or if you have any feedback about the application process. Shoot us a note anytime at