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Zach Smith, BSN, RN

Introducing Department Schedules and Real-Time Dashboard

Today we’re excited to announce two powerful new features for Nursegrid Manager. We’re now surfacing more actionable team and department updates and streamlining schedule distribution and communication–and we think everybody will be pretty happy about it.

Nurse Satisfaction & Burnout: Old Problem, New Stakes

As staff nurses and nursing leaders, you spend so much time focusing on others at work–whether it’s patients, patients’ families, or staff in your charge–that your own wellbeing can too often be neglected.

Nurse collaboration and communication

Introducing a More Social Nursegrid

At Nursegrid, we want to help you take back time so you can focus on what really matters at work and in life. Nurses are pretty social people; it’s part of what makes them interested and successful in a career focused on delivering excellent care to their patients.

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Why Does a Tech Company Have a VP of Nursing?

When I started out in nursing, I knew little of what it took to be a nurse outside of assessments and patient care. In today’s world, it isn’t enough to just be a good clinical nurse. Like it or not, technology has become a part of our society and therefore a part of our industry.

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When Best Practices Become Too Much of a Good Thing

What do you feel when you hear the words “best practice”? It probably depends where you sit. For those in the C-suite, a best practice may seem like a no-brainer. If something works well in one area, why not multiply its effects by mandating its use elsewhere?

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How Nursegrid Builds a Strong Nurse User Community

My name is Sarah and I am the Customer Success Manager here at Nursegrid. My role is to make sure our nurses are getting the most out of the Nursegrid solutions and to help them if and when they have questions.

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Responding to ‘The View’

Nursegrid team member Zach Smith, RN provides a thoughtful response to recent comments made by hosts of The View about nurses.

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Nursegrid Now Available on Android!

Nursegrid is pleased to announce the release of our new native Android application. The launch of the Android app ensures easy access to Nursegrid for all nurses across the country. The Android application contains all the features of the popular iOS application.

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[VIDEO] The Worst Roommate Ever

Ruining TV shows? No decency for non-nurses? In a world of ubiquitously worst roommates, nurses have lived with and have been the bane of roommate existence.

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Top 5 Resources for Nursing Students

There are so many resources for nursing students out there, it can be hard to keep up! Read our favorite places online for nursing students to go!

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Feature Series: Shift Swaps

Stop dreading the inevitable nurse shift swap! The latest Nursegrid feature makes shift-swapping easier than ever. Never again have an island shift!

island shift

Don’t Assign Me an Island Shift!

Please, for all that is good in the world, do not assign me an Island Shift. We all know that the dreaded Island Shift should be avoided at all costs.

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6 Emergency Room Lies You May Not Know

As a medical professional, your role is to treat the suffering and heal the sick, yet patients continue to inhibit this with lies. Read a personal testimony.


The Multi-Tasking, Multi-Job Nurse

If you’re a nurse who has a driving passion beyond the hospital, you too may be a Multi-Job Nurse. Read more about Zach’s experience as a Multi-Job Nurse!

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Top 7 X-Men Who Would Make Great Nurses

Every nurse has a super power, but does every nurse have a mutant power? Read which X-Men the Nursegrid Team believes would be the best mutant nurse!

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HealthTech Conference 2014 | Nursegrid

Join the Nursegrid team at this year’s HealthTech Conference 2014 down in San Mateo, California! Enjoy the latest news on technology and entrepreneurship.

nurse leadership and nurse retention

The Perks of Being a Nurse

If you’ve ever wondered about the various upsides to the nursing profession, Zach Smith is here to walk you through the various perks of being a nurse.

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[VIDEO] This Nurse Needs to Use Her PTO

This funny video shows what happens when nurses work too much! Watch more videos about nursing at the Nursegrid Blog! What is Nursegrid? Find out more!