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Zach Smith, BSN, RN

nurse resume myths

Debunking 4 Common Nurse Résumé Myths

Résumés: the one thing that every nurse needs but very few like to write. If writing or updating your résumé has held you back from applying for a new job opportunity, you are not alone! Here are four nurse résumé myths and changes you can make today.

The Challenges and Rewards of Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centered care or PCC is a term that’s used to describe care in which the patient’s needs come first. It may sound pretty straightforward or generic, but in reality, creating a uniform definition of patient-centered care is one of the biggest obstacles to implementing these procedures.

paperless schedule

5 Tips to Take Your Schedule from Paper to Digital

Staff scheduling in healthcare has continued to be stuck in the dark ages. The decision to switch from pen, paper, and Excel to online doesn’t have to feel like a big leap. Here are a few simple considerations for you to factor in as you look to move from scheduling on trees to scheduling on pixels.

The Pulse – October 2018

We love engaging with our nurse community, now totaling over half a million! We’re here to celebrate the work you do, recognize your pain points, and build solutions to make your life as a nurse better.

recruit best nurses

How to Recruit the Best Nurses

The country’s demand for healthcare providers shows no signs of slowing down. But this peak demand is making it difficult for nurse managers to find the help they need on the floor. Learn how nurse managers can find and hire the best nurses around.

The Benefits of Interprofessional Care Collaboration

While interprofessional care collaboration and peer review have long been the backbone of the healthcare industry, some care providers can fall out of step with their colleagues as they get set in their ways. But doctors and nurses should remember to reach out to those around them for advice and support to make sure they’re using the best treatment methods available.

alzheimers caregivers

Tips for Caring for Those with Alzheimer’s

This September is World Alzheimer’s Month, a global event designed to raise awareness for dementia, how it affects patients around the world, and how individuals should care for those struggling with this disease.

nurse scheduling problem

The Nurse Scheduling Problem and What to Do About It

One of the many struggles that go along with managing a nursing staff is the dreaded nurse scheduling problem. As a nurse manager, you have a lot of positions to fill at any given time, all the while juggling the concerns and demands of your administrator and your staff members.

cord blood

What Nurses Need to Know About Cord Blood

Did you know: Cord blood or the cells found in the blood of the umbilical cord can be used to treat and develop treatments for a wide range of diseases and conditions, saving the lives of patients and advancing our understanding of medicine.

Obesity Is on the Rise: What Can Nurses Do to Help?

Obesity is on the rise in the U.S., and it shows no sign of slowing down. While nurses aren’t specifically responsible for the weight of their patients, they can help patients improve their diets and eating habits to reduce the risk of obesity.

nurse retention

Nurse Recruitment & Retention: For Love or Money?

In the face of these market conditions, numerous facilities are resorting to creative strategies to recruit and retain staff. Are the trending financial rewards and other incentives the best investment for hospitals looking to hire the right long-term fit or are they merely plugging holes for a costly, short-term fix?

calling in sick

Calling Off When You’re Sick vs Going into Work to Avoid Write-Ups

When you’re a nurse, calling out of work comes with a lot of unintended consequences, including forcing your coworkers to pick up the slack, inhibiting a patient’s quality of care, and making your healthcare facility less efficient. But you’re a human being, and sometimes calling out of work is your best option.

compassion fatigue

Compassion Fatigue: Nurses at Risk

Nurses tend to exude a lot of compassion when they’re on the job. They have to comfort those that may be sick or injured, their family members, and deal with all kinds of difficult, emotionally complex situations.

managing nurses

Managing Your Department’s Schedule Just Got Easier

Today, we are excited to announce a big update and new features to Nursegrid Manager. With the release of our new Reassign, Split Shift, and Convert to Open Shift features, Nursegrid customers have even easier ways to manage their schedule.

preventing violence

How Nurses Can Address and Prevent Violence on the Job

Running a hospital is never easy, but nurse managers and supervisors need to do their part when it comes to protecting their nurses and colleagues. The healthcare industry has experienced a rapid uptick in violence on the job in recent years.

5 lessons for nurses

5 Valuable Lessons Every Nurse Must Learn on the Job

Being a nurse can be mentally and physically exhausting, especially if you’re right out of nursing school and you just landed your first job. If you’re just starting out as a nurse, use these lessons to make the best of your new position.

7 reasons for using Nursegrid

7 Reasons You Should Use Nursegrid to Manage Your Schedule

For years, hospitals have used outdated schedule distribution processes, making it hard for nurses to effectively balance their work and life. Here’s how the nurses, designers, and engineers behind Nursegrid modernized processes to healthcare scheduling and staffing.

announcing death with compassion

How to Announce the Death of a Patient with Compassion

Nurses aren’t numb to pain every time a patient dies on their watch, but every nurse needs to learn how to cope with death. That includes having the ability to speak to the deceased’s relatives and next of kin to let them know that their loved one has died.

communicating with colleagues

Communicating Together

While many nurses are personable and able to have conversations, some nurses struggle. The good news is that the skill can be learned and mastered, allowing for joyful and serious communications to occur without a major event. There are a few key points to mastering the art of conversation and confrontation.

home healthcare nursing

Nursing the At-Home Patient: Special Considerations

If you’re taking care of a patient in their own home, you’ll quickly realize that things aren’t like they used to be. The predictability of the hospital is no more, and it’s up to you to deliver the best care possible in a changing environment.

Nursing the At-Home Patient: Special Considerations

If you’re taking care of a patient in their own home, you’ll quickly realize that things aren’t like they used to be. The predictability of the hospital is no more, and it’s up to you to deliver the best care possible in a changing environment.

healing and humor

Healing and Humor

If we do not address the heart, help to support the spirit and coping elements of the patient, we may ‘heal’ a short term medical problem but have ignored the patients emotional resolve to have long term success.

nursegrid pride

Nursegrid Pride

Today we are changing our logo on the Nursegrid Mobile App and across our social platforms in honor of Pride Month. Though small in terms of changes, we hope it speaks loudly to Nursegrid’s support of the LGBTQ+ community and equality for all.

ok to say I don't know

It’s OK to Say ‘I Don’t Know’

Nurses are the most trusted profession on the planet. But, one challenge that nurses sometimes face is the ability to acknowledge they need help or information before they can complete a task or provide care.

nursing soft skills

How to Teach and Learn Soft Skills

One growing concern in the healthcare industry is a desire to help nurses find ways to connect with their patients more. When nurses connect with their patients more, the level of care rises and patients feel as if they are truly valued.

women's health nurse practitioner

How Can I Become a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner?

Are you wanting to work in women’s health? Women’s health nurse practitioners or WHNPs perform many of the duties of a gynecologist and often provide pre and post-natal care for mothers. Here’s how to start a career as a women’s health nurse practitioner.

5 signs nurse manager

5 Signs You Were Born to Be a Nurse Manager

Being a nurse manager isn’t for everyone. It’s a tough job that can feel like you’re being pulled in half a dozen different directions. As challenging as this role can be, some people thrive in this position. Here are five signs that your calling in life is to be a nurse manager.

happy nurses week

Nurses Week Celebration & Giveaway!

Nurses care for so much more than the just the primary dx, they tend to anxiety, fears, and sometimes anger(!) of all those in the room. That is why we take a whole week to celebrate nurses. And that is why we have a few ways to enter to win some awesome prizes this week.

nurse rules 1900s

A List of Nurse Rules from the Early 1900s

Medical technology has improved considerably over the last 100 years, and so has the relationship between a nurse and their patient. Take a look at some of the more surprising nurse rules from the early 1900s.

Nurses Week 2018

Nurses Week 2018 – Enter to Win!

This year, we are honoring the ANA’s theme, of Inspire, Influence, and Innovate. We want to hear how you are inspiring your industry, influencing a colleague, or innovating in your field.


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