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nurse lying on floor listening to a guided meditation

Building Your Own Self-Care Habit

When it comes to self-care habits, it can be hard to build one that sticks. However, there are a few tricks you can do to create a long-lasting habit for your well-being.

The Power of Self-Reflection on Nurse Well-Being

Learn how one simple habit can help you refocus and stay motivated in your nursing career. Developing a habit of self-care and reflection after each shift can help cultivate positive emotions that work to counter burnout and support your well-being and mental health. Try NurseGrid’s new Shift Reflection tool to get started.

Ready to reflect?

New Feature: Shift Reflection

Take 2 minutes for yourself after your shift, with NurseGrid™ Shift Reflection. NurseGrid’s new Shift Reflection tool makes it easier to fit self-care into your routine.

Exciting Updates to NurseGrid Messaging

If you haven’t checked out the NurseGrid messaging feature yet, there’s no time like the present! It is a great way to make plans and stay in touch with nurse friends and colleagues.