NurseGrid Manager Product Videos

Take a look at some of the key features that make up NurseGrid Manager in these short videos.



Easily distribute and manage the official schedule as it changes.
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Open Shifts

Intelligently adjust staffing levels as department needs fluctuate.
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Process and respond to staff swap requests quickly and easily.
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Reach the right staff members fast with targeted communications.
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Schedule Management

With NurseGrid you can manage your department’s ever-changing schedule quickly and easily. Watch our video below to see how simple it is to distribute the official department schedule and keep your staff updated as shifts and events change.

Filling Open Shifts

With NurseGrid you can fill more open shifts with the right staff in a fraction of the time. Watch our video below to see how easy it is to create an open shift, alert the right staff, and process responses.

Processing Swaps

NurseGrid simplifies the swap request and approval process for staff and managers alike. Watch our video below to see how easy it is for nurses to initiate swaps based on their own needs and for managers to review and respond to them with the right context.

Team Communication

NurseGrid Manager simplifies team communication and collaboration for nursing departments. Watch our video below to see how easy it is to reach the right staff members in real time without relying on mass emails, texts, and phone calls.