Manage and Distribute the Department Schedule

Whether your schedules are created in complex core scheduling software, Excel, or on paper, NurseGrid Manager makes it easier to manage them once they’re created. It can be difficult to disseminate schedules to nurses and handle inevitable changes. With NurseGrid Manager, you can enter your staff’s schedule and add notes and new events—staff meetings, parties, education—whenever they occur. Your nurses will have their schedules, including alerts for new events you create, in their pockets, and simplified schedule management means more time for you and your team to focus on patient care and work-life balance.

Quickly Understand the Day’s Staffing Priorities

It can be hard to keep track of staff contact information, shift swap requests, schedule changes, expiring credentials, and the month’s meetings. But with NurseGrid Manager, you can quickly understand who’s working, pending shift change requests and staffing needs, expiring credentials, and more in one central place on your dashboard—and easily take action on the items that need your attention right away.


Centralize Staff Information

Say goodbye to searching through phone contacts, email, and paper contact sheets to track down the nurses you need to reach. Keep track of all your nurses’ contact information, credentials, shift change history, and custom notes you add in our comprehensive staff directory. Control access with customizable department permissions.

See NurseGrid Manager in Action

Let’s set up a brief, web-based demo for you to witness how NurseGrid will simplify team communication and real-time schedule changes for your whole department.