Collect accurate team availability

It’s critical to understand nurse availability to handle ever-changing staffing needs efficiently and in line with nurse preferences, but this information can be difficult or impossible to access. With NurseGrid, nurses can indicate Voluntary Low Census for any scheduled shifts or Available to Work for unscheduled time and update their availability as it changes, allowing managers to make smarter staffing decisions and keep nurses happier and more productive.

Fill open shifts

Inefficient processes to handle fluctuating staffing needs can impact labor costs, take valuable time away from patient care priorities, and frustrate nurses. NurseGrid manager lets you immediately notify nurses about open shifts based on nurse-indicated availability and who else is scheduled to work that shift. Let NurseGrid automatically approve the first responses or choose to filter them yourself based on business rules or other criteria. Offline users will receive open shift notifications by text message.

Flex nurses off

Just as filling open shifts in real time ensures you can handle all patients with excellent care, flexing nurses off when you’re over-staffed can reduce unnecessary labor costs and help keep your budget on track. NurseGrid Manager shows you nurses who have volunteered to be flexed off and who else is scheduled to work that shift, so you can make sure your patients get the best care, nurses who want it get some time off, and your labor costs stay down.


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