Enable nurses with more time and flexibility

Managing complex, demanding schedules and time-consuming manual swap requests is unnecessarily burdensome for nurses. With NurseGrid Manager, enable nurses to quickly and easily initiate shift swaps or giveaways based on their own schedule needs and their colleagues’ availability. Eliminate cumbersome manual processes that require nurses to find available co-workers and initiate paper-based approvals that waste valuable time.

Manage swap and giveaway requests

Receive a push notification when nurses on your team initiate a swap or giveaway request. Review the request and choose to approve or deny it based on other staff working, business rules, or other criteria and alert your nurses in real time about your decision. Save managers’, schedulers’, and nurses’ time, increasing productivity and satisfaction for all.


See NurseGrid Manager in Action

Let’s set up a brief, web-based demo for you to witness how NurseGrid will simplify team communication and real-time schedule changes for your whole department.