Facilitate team collaboration

With NurseGrid Mobile, a free mobile and web app for nurses that integrates with NurseGrid Manager, thousands of nurses across the country are already entering and managing their schedules on a calendar made just for them, connecting and communicating with colleagues, and seeing who they work with on a given shift. Once their department starts using NurseGrid Manager, much more is possible.

Reach the right nurses in real time

Communicating quickly with on- and offsite nurses can be impossible, often requiring a mix of texts, emails, and phone calls that overwhelms nurses and keeps managers from reaching them quickly when it really matters. With NurseGrid Manager, you can send targeted messages to individuals or groups of nurses on their desktop and mobile devices with integrated messaging. Push notifications alert nurses of important NurseGrid messages and activity even when they don’t have the app open.


We mean all your nurses

Add nurses on your team who don’t have smartphones as offline users and send them group and 1:1 messages via text message, ensuring nobody misses out on important communications.

See NurseGrid Manager in Action

Let’s set up a brief, web-based demo for you to witness how NurseGrid will simplify team communication and real-time schedule changes for your whole department.