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[VIDEO] This Is The Last Text Message ANY Nurse Wants To Receive!

  One text can change everything. Is it fear? Annoyance? Dread? Whatever the word, no nurse feels like working when they know this text awaits them… If you’re a nurse, you’ll also love this. Check it out!   NurseGrid is the first scheduling and communication app built exclusively for nurses, by nurses. The NurseGrid App […]

Articles for Nurses

Don’t Miss Out on our Nurse Quiz! What Kind of Nurse Are You?

Two million nurses can’t be wrong… One thing we love at NurseGrid is a fun nurse quiz related to our day-to-day. Something fast, easy, and funny. Turns out we’re not alone.   We just released our second nurse quiz after so many people enjoyed our first quiz so much!   If you haven’t had a chance to take […]

Articles for Nurses

Nurse Involvement Increasing in Healthcare IT

    An article posted earlier this month on FierceHealthIT highlights an important movement happening in healthcare IT: The increasing role of nurses in IT. Titled “The rise of nurses in health IT“, the article reports on the role that nurses are having in Healthcare IT leadership roles (“Nursing Informatics”) across the country. Among the sources cited […]

Articles for Nurses

[VIDEO] No nurse wants to find this out after their shift!

No nurse or person should go through this, but it comes with the job. You helped them transfer from the bed to the commode. You shook their hand. You put their belongings into a bag for them. All without gloves or an iso gown. And then you hear this. No nurses hasn’t had this (or something similar) […]

Articles for Nurses

[VIDEO] You’ll never hear a nurse say this word

  You may hear a nurse say many things. This is not one of them. We thought making a short video about the blacklisted word would be funny because each of us have personal experience with it. You’ll also never hear a nurse say that they are 100% satisfied with their scheduling system at work, […]

Articles for Nurses

The Top 5 Nurse Communities to Follow, Like, & Join

  If you manage to take a break this shift, be sure to check out some of our favorite online sites. There’s some great resources here if you are looking to expand your career, or, if you are just looking for some humor to wind down with after work! Give some of these links a […]

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