Nurses are raving about the #1 nurse app in the nation. And it’s totally free.

Creating and keeping track of a work schedule as a nurse is daunting and antiquated. A group of nurses in Portland, Oregon, were so fed up with outdated scheduling technology that they set out to make a change. Their creation: NurseGrid, a 100% free mobile app that is the easiest way for nurses to enter and manage their schedule. Within two years the app has garnered over 400,000 downloads and become the #1 nurse preferred app in the nation. Check it out yourself and download the app here.

NurseGrid nursing app



NurseGrid is the first of its kind schedule management app built exclusively for nurses. The first month NurseGrid launched, the app got more than 250 downloads. Nurses loved the app, so it was quickly shared with other nurses around the nation. Nearly every major hospital in the nation now has hundreds of NurseGrid users, with some departments totaling over 100 connected colleagues alone. Want to see how many nurses at your facility are using NurseGrid? Take a look here.

“The adoption and response has been overwhelming,” said Joe Novello, Founder, CEO, and nurse himself. “We hear from users every day telling us how much of a difference this app makes for them. We are particularly proud of our app store rating.”

NurseGrid #1 nursing app

NurseGrid’s calendar is designed specifically with the unique needs of nurses in mind. The founding team knew how difficult it was to find out their colleague’s schedules too, so they added that feature in.

“My wife is actually a nurse too, and the only way we’d have to share schedules with each other was by taking a picture of the paper schedule hanging in the break room and texting it,” said Zach Smith, NurseGrid’s VP of Nursing and a founding team member. “Now we just connect on NurseGrid and can see each other’s schedules in seconds.”

NurseGrid receives daily feedback from users with suggestions and tips and the team meets weekly to discuss new ideas as to constantly improve the app. They are committed to keeping the app 100% free with no ads, but rely on nurses telling each other about the app to help it spread.

Novello recollects, “After the amount of stress, fatigue, and work that nurses give to their patients every single shift, it was about time the community received something in return and we are proud to bring that to them.”

Download the free app now.

NurseGrid #1 nursing app


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