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NurseGrid Manager Mobile App Is Now Available to Everyone

NurseGrid has placed the power of staff management in your hands. Literally.

NurseGrid Manager is our newest mobile app that enables nurse managers to:

  • Adapt to census changes quickly
  • Approve shift swaps and giveaways on the go
  • Reach available staff instantly
  • Send open shift opportunities to all qualified nurses
  • Access the staff directory from anywhere

The best feature? It is completely free.

Since 2015, NurseGrid Mobile has helped more than four hundred thousand nurses across the country control their work schedules, message their colleagues, and swap their shifts in seconds.

In fact, some of your nurses may already be using NurseGrid to manage their schedules. NurseGrid Manager connects directly to these users with seamless integration, though it’s not a requirement for experiencing the original app’s benefits.

NurseGrid Manager is an invaluable complement to NurseGrid Mobile. It provides schedulers/coordinators, charges, and nurse managers with a simple way to fill staffing vacancies and approve shift swaps with only a few taps on the screen.

We understand that a schedule management doesn’t end as soon as it’s published. NurseGrid Manager eliminates the need for paper, email, and texting by letting you handle shift management with the agility and convenience of the cloud.

Empower your nurses, mobilize your workspace, and unlock the benefits of nurse management on mobile!


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When I worked in a hospital department, we would regularly receive emails from management pleading with us to pick up extra shifts. It always struck me as a clunky, inefficient way to solicit staff to take on open shifts. Outside of NurseGrid’s innovative open shift platform, there were no solutions for those who weren’t NurseGrid Manager customers.


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See NurseGrid Manager in Action

Let’s set up a brief, web-based demo for you to witness how NurseGrid will simplify team communication and real-time schedule changes for your whole department.