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Removing Practice Barriers for Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners provide Americans with important services in healthcare. Unfortunately, NPs face many barriers restricting them from full practice authority. Also known as autonomous practice, full practice authority includes the practice and licensure laws allowing nurse practitioners to practice to the full extent of their education. To learn more, checkout the infographic below created by […]


NurseGrid Feature Series: Shift Swaps

NurseGrid Feature Update Start shift swapping with coworkers using the latest NurseGrid feature!   Take control of your schedule by easily swapping shifts with others. The NurseGrid App will show you who is available to swap with, then makes completing that swap a matter of seconds. Avoid sending out mass emails or tapping shoulders. This new  NurseGrid […]


Nurse Grid Feature Series: Connecting With Colleagues

Nurse Grid Feature Update Start connecting with your coworkers using the latest Nurse Grid feature!      Calling, texting, or emailing every nurse in your department isn’t the most effective way to know when they are working. Nurse Grid allows you to connect with any colleague across your work sites. Connect and invite your peers to start […]