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How NurseGrid is Saving Hospitals Time, Money, and Turnover

We looked at 100 NurseGrid accounts across the nation to see how much time and money we were saving them, and how our technology made an impact. Take a look at what we found.

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What Makes NurseGrid So Special? It’s the Nursing Nuances.

When NurseGrid was just a concept 3 years ago, we spent a significant amount of time trying to convince others that there was a deep void in the nursing market. After all, we were nurses ourselves and had felt this void first hand. We would tell them that nurses didn’t have an easy way to […]

Technology & Startups

Why Does a Tech Company Have a VP of Nursing?

When I started out in nursing, I knew little of what it took to be a nurse outside of assessments and patient care. In today’s world, it isn’t enough to just be a good clinical nurse. Like it or not, technology has become a part of our society and therefore a part of our industry.

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NurseGrid now available on Android!

NurseGrid is pleased to announce the release of our new native Android application. The launch of the Android app ensures easy access to NurseGrid for all nurses across the country. The Android application contains all the features of the popular iOS application.

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The NurseGrid Map | See Nurses Around the Country

You’ve seen the NurseGrid app. Introducing the NurseGrid Map. We’ve added a cool (as defined by nurses that have told us so) new feature to our website. On our Nurse Manager page we now show where nurses are using our NurseGrid Map. If you didn’t know about this, you can find the NurseGrid Map here. […]

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HIMSS 2015 |NurseGrid’s Review of the Annual Exhibition & Conference

HIMSS 2015. 3 days, 50,000 people, 200 business cards.More coffee than I care to admit. HIMSS 2015 was a massive event. The exhibit halls were packed with vendors of all sizes and of course the large players showed up in force. From EPIC’s Tahoe inspired mega-booth, to McKesson’s 360 degree healthcare in the round, to […]