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NurseGrid Featured in McKnight’s HealthCare Review

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News is a business news magazine serving the institutional long-term care field. Thanks to McKnight’s for their review of NurseGrid’s new communication solution.

Articles for Nurses

NurseGrid Releases Nurse Manager Communication Platform To Improve Nurse Staff Scheduling and Communication for Hospitals

NurseGrid announced today the release of a new communication platform designed to directly connect nurse managers with their staff to streamline communication, manage schedule changes and credentialing of staff.

Technology & Startups

The NurseGrid Map | See Nurses Around the Country

You’ve seen the NurseGrid app. Introducing the NurseGrid Map. We’ve added a cool (as defined by nurses that have told us so) new feature to our website. On our Nurse Manager page we now show where nurses are using our NurseGrid Map. If you didn’t know about this, you can find the NurseGrid Map here. […]

Articles for Nurses

Nurse Insights: What email provider do nurses use most?

Ever wondered if you’re the only nurse still using AOL? Our Nurse Insights segment might surprise you Over 11,000 nurses have now downloaded NurseGrid (yay!) and this is providing us with some unique nurse insights about nurses. We’re going to start sharing some of this data that we think might be interesting to know. So, […]

Technology & Startups

HIMSS 2015 |NurseGrid’s Review of the Annual Exhibition & Conference

HIMSS 2015. 3 days, 50,000 people, 200 business cards.More coffee than I care to admit. HIMSS 2015 was a massive event. The exhibit halls were packed with vendors of all sizes and of course the large players showed up in force. From EPIC’s Tahoe inspired mega-booth, to McKesson’s 360 degree healthcare in the round, to […]

Articles for Nurses

The Problems Surrounding Nurse Scheduling

Organization can be a nightmare for any company. Nurse scheduling is no different. As a non-clinical person with little exposure to the task of nurse scheduling in any size hospital, it is hard to understand the complexity associated with this work.  It’s fraught with complexity and moving parts “just” to place the right resource in […]