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America’s Nurses – Empowering a Silent Majority of Clinicians to Transform Healthcare

There are 3.1 million registered nurses practicing in the U.S. – three times the number of professionally active physicians. Despite this majority, policy decisions often lack nurse engagement, the group most affected by the decisions and who also happen to be one of the most influential staff on patient outcomes. This lack of engagement has also led to nursing staff turnover, and readmission rates, costing the average hospital between $5.2 million and $8.1 million annually.

Healthcare desperately needs leaders who can see the bigger picture, think on their feet, help facilities adapt, and drive change. Nurses are well positioned to take the reins and make an impact.

In a presentation to nursing students at Princeton, clinical nurse and author, Theresa Brown, RN, said, “Yes, it is lovely and flattering to be trusted, but if we’re so trustworthy, why does nobody listen to us? Many patients feel that it’s the nurses that truly understand what’s going on. But it’s said in a whisper. Why a whisper? We can’t give a voice to this?”

Elevating nurse leaders beyond a whisper requires a continued focus on what nurses are capable of as well as proactive efforts to solicit their opinions and ideas. Nurses are beacons of clarity in today’s healthcare system, and it’s up to everyone with a stake in the future of healthcare in this country to create more opportunities for them to lead and project their collective voice.

In our latest white paper we discuss the importance of empowering nurses – and the steps needed to do so – in order to help your facility decrease nurse turnover, save money, and transform healthcare.

Download the white paper to learn more.

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Let's Hand over the Bullhorn to America’s Nurses

Nurses rank as the most trusted profession in healthcare, according to public opinion polls. Because of this, along with their proximity to patients, they are well positioned to help facilities both adapt to the massive changes afoot in healthcare and drive transformation in the industry.

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