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Achieving the Triple Aim: The Nurse Engagement Imperative

Hospitals are under more pressure than ever to find ways to increase patient satisfaction, manage costs, and improve quality of care. Studies show that by better engaging nurses, facilities see higher levels of personal initiative among staff, significantly higher financial profitability of organizations, and decreased hospital mortality rates.

Check out our infographic below to read more about facility challenges, the impact of engagement among nursing staff, and how to encourage engagement in nurses to help reach departmental and facility-wide goals. You can also download the infographic here

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National Nurses Week

Happy National Nurses Week

Happy National Nurses Week! This week and every week, we're proud to support nurses and the entire nursing profession.


A Big Update for NurseGrid on Android

We’ve focused new team resources on redesigning our Android experience to be smoother, faster, and more user friendly. Today marks the initial release of our new experience and an ongoing investment into the NurseGrid app for Android.

See NurseGrid Manager in Action

Let’s set up a brief, web-based demo for you to witness how NurseGrid will simplify team communication and real-time schedule changes for your whole department.